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Detox with a Fibrotic Cellulite Treatment


Can a Reducing Fibrotic Cellulite Treatment detoxify, oxygenate as well as rejuvenate the skin? Well, the treatment available at Splendida by fashiontv says it can!

The Reducing Fibrotic Cellulite Treatment at Splendida, reactivates the skin and helps in microcirculation. Done in various phases the treatment begins with the preparation of the steam bath which is a warm and relaxing experience, followed by a great 60 minutes exfoliating mask and warm and cold showers. It’s a black colour mask with calcium carbonate, Curcuma, moringa which is combined with draining and slimming treatments available at Splendida.

Benefits of the treatment: 

Ø  Detoxify: the pores of the skin open up for the elimination of impurities and toxins

Ø  Oxygenate: the skin’s microcirculation is activated and promotes a better skin oxygenation by improving skin luminosity and elasticity, moreover it leads to a beneficial effect of metabolic activity

Ø  Cellular epidermal rejuvenation: facilitated due to the exfoliation of the stratum corneum

Ø  Relax: the heat helps ease muscular tensions, counters pain and remove weariness

Splendida by fashiontv, in Jumeriah’s gorgeous contemporary villa has an amazing Spa experience with lush green gardens around it. The ambience of the place are energizing and calming, giving a new energy to you and your skin.


This place offers various services but the Acua Spa Bed includes an aromatherapy to relax the senses and calm you down. A professional therapist can help you choose the therapy which is best suited to your body. The oils for different therapies are selected and placed in different position and colours around you, making an ultimate relaxing spa experience.


The Reducing Fibrotic cellulite treatment costs AED 300 per session or AED 200 for 10 sessions.  Other treatments you can choose from are Steam bath, Body awakening Himalayan breathing, Radiant Skin Treatment.


For more information call (+971) 4 343 7665 or Email: info@splendidadubai.com 



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