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November 22, 2018
By Yogalife

Dedicated to the Divine Space

There is a huge space inside my body and there is a huge space outside too.

I see the space below my feet and I see the space above my head too.
There is a space between the moves I make and there is also a space between the breaths I take.
I see the space between the words I utter and also between the objects I see.
In fact, there is also a space between me and you.

Is this the same space everywhere? Yes, it is, it’s all the same. This space often connects people and the same space also divides people.
Respect this space because it has the power to create and collapse you, it’s all the same one supreme Divine space.

By Sapna Rawat

Sapna Rawat, is a Yoga teacher and Reiki healer (3rd degree) currently based in Dubai. She teaches Yoga at 136.1 yoga studio, Divine Yoga and Ninja Academy.  You can contact Sapna on sapnar0788@gmail.com



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