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Dairy or Non-Dairy milk?

Milk is after all milk. Or is it? These days, when you walk down the grocery aisles you find a mind-boggling variety of milk options, leaving you confused. Koita sheds some light on this.

Why the growing unpopularity of animal milk?

When we say “animal milk” it depends.  We’ve seen traditional animal milk down however organic  and hormone free animal milks are up.  At Koita we know that everyone’s specific milk requirement depends on their specific dietary needs; it’s personal!  For example, growing kids prefer higher fat content versus adults who might prefer skim milk.  If you are lactose intolerant you will want a lactose free solution.  In case you are dairy intolerant then you might opt for a soy or almond milk.   At Koita we will continue to offer customer driven options (cow or no cow!).

How does cow milk compare to non-dairy alternatives?

Again, we don’t believe one is better than the other.  Both have a different set of nutritional and taste profile attributes.  The product labels are a good guide for the amount or protein, fat and vitamins you are specifically looking for in your diet.

Does it affect the nutrition content?…

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