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February 20, 2017
By Yogalife

Could You Learn To Love Your Period?

Latest invention that may make menstruation a celebration!

Woman Space founder Vanessa Woodthorpe-Wright. I’m a British expat and a mother of four who has lived in Dubai for over 20 years. I’m studying for a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Religion focusing on Women’s Spirituality. I am fascinated by the way our world is governed by cycles – the seasons, the moon, the cycle of life – and it’s amazing to think that I have my very own cycle inside me.

I love finding ways to connect with nature and with the community and discovering ways to live more eco-positively.

THE FIRST ROSE PAD In 2013, I was experiencing heavy bleeding and pain and I was advised to have a partial hysterectomy. I decided to take 6 months to see if I could heal myself. I consulted books, I did research online, and I discovered that I needed to learn to love my periods. I ordered some cloth pads and found that I was excited to try them. Washing the pads helped me connect with myself, and I realized that I was also washing away negativity and shame. I made some pads for myself, and then I made some for friends. And then the rest is herstory!

SHIFTING ATTITUDE ON PERIODS WITH WASHABLE PADS I used to hate my periods. Now, as I chart my cycles, I honor my bleeding time by trying to organize my schedule so that I do less for those few days. I am convinced this has helped to alleviate negative symptoms during PMS, (which I now call Pamper Me Silly), and my period pains are pretty much gone! Also, I enjoy wearing my pads. I have different pads for different moods and occasions. And because I trust Rose Pads, I can relax when I’m wearing them, allowing my body to let go and let flow.

ALTERNATIVES FOR WOMEN Most of us grow up thinking we shouldn’t talk about our periods. We’re told not to make a fuss and to just get on with it, and we put up with pads that are uncomfortable or leaky. What if you could choose comfortable, pretty, non-toxic pads that fit your body and needs? I don’t want another generation of girls to grow up thinking they have to be ashamed of their periods.

BENEFITS OF ROSE PADS Rose Pads are comfortable, breathable, reliable, and I think they have personality. They are also plastic-free and eco-friendly. The absorbent inner is made from organic fabric, while the outer layer is 100% cotton prewashed to reduce chemical residue. You choose the shape and size that works best for your body. They also come in a variety of colorful patterns!

WASHING PADS Would you be squeamish about rinsing the blood from your child’s clothing if they fell and cut their knee? You only have to rinse the pads under the tap; you wash them later in the washing machine. And when you use cloth pads, the blood is odorless.



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