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Eat light, Wholesome Meals This Summer with Café Bateel’s New Seasonal Summer Menu

Think hearty soups, fresh salads, seasonal produce packed into the…

FEATURE ARTICLES - April 23, 2018

Sound It Out

The basic idea of using sound for healing comes from…

Heal - March 9, 2016

Learn To Give

What are you doing with your life? Are you content…

INSPIRATION - March 9, 2016

Less Hate More Love

Physical harms can heal, though perhaps leave a scar or…

FEATURE ARTICLES - March 8, 2016

Everyday Meditation

You know that meditation is beneficial but you probably have…

Heal - March 8, 2016

Child’s Play

Are you a ‘grown up’ or are you still childlike?…

Heal - March 7, 2016

Super Foods You Need To Eat

Everyone nowadays seem more self-conscious about what they’re eating, but…

Nourish - March 7, 2016

Living The Simple Life I Learned In India

Elouise Erlings is not a conventional twenty-something. The global nomad…

Yoga - March 6, 2016

Asana As Intention

I began doing yoga in college when my acting professor…

Yoga - March 6, 2016