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The Serpent Healer

UK based Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Kwali Kumara, opens up about…

Heal - February 1, 2018

Ericksonian therapy and hypnosis

If understood and stimulated in the right manner, profound changes…

Heal - July 3, 2017

Breathe to Heal | Max Strom

With anxiety, stress, and sleep dysfunction skyrocketing around the globe,…

Heal - June 27, 2017

How to be grateful for your Problems?

Problems are blessings in disguise. Sometimes, big opportunities come to…

FEATURE ARTICLES - June 26, 2017

The Mental Make Over

We are anxious, tense, and worried in a fast-paced life…

Heal - June 12, 2017

The Magic of Mandalas

A Mandala represents entirety, a cosmic diagram reminding us of…

Heal - June 12, 2017

Watsu for Fitness

Wellness activities to ensure stress reduction and deep relaxation. Watsu,…

Heal - May 29, 2017

Diabetes in Children

“Childhood obesity can profoundly affect children’s physical health, social, and…

Heal - May 7, 2017

Heal Your Broken Heart, Bones & Spirits In 3 Steps

Almost all of our problems are rooted in our survival…

Heal - May 5, 2017