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Bali’s Best Breakfast Bowl

Tegan Fern picks the best breakfast bowls in Bali!!

In June this year I was lucky enough to be able to spend a month in Ubud Bali doing Yoga and sampling some of Ubuds best breakfast bowls. These bowls not only tasted delicious, they were presented beautifully. I was so impressed with the pride that these amazing Balinese people took over their food. Here are my top 5 must haves in Ubud.

Restaurant: Mudra

Bowl: Macchu Picchu Cacao Smoothie Bowl

I have to start with my absolute favourite! The restaurant Mudra is located in a quiet road near Taksu Spa and it was just beautiful; so much greenery hanging and a glass kitchen so you could see the chefs cooking away. Made from raw magnesium-rich cacao mixed with coconut milk and other amazingness, then topped with banana, chia seeds, goji berries, strawberries, shredded coconut and homemade granola. The portion size was generous too which was pleasing and they let me take some away for later. To say it was divine would be an understatement!

Restaurant: Queen Acai 
Bowl: you guessed it….acai bowl!


This place only opened during the second half of my stay in Ubud. We had spent weeks driving past wondering if it would open whilst we were here; you can imagine our delight when it finally was! This place was not so much a restaurant but more of a take away option. There were comfy hammocks to sit on but during peak times, you would struggle to find a seat. The bowl I chose to have was a traditional acai topped with passion fruit, papaya, dragon fruit stars and coconut. It was the perfect lunch time snack and again, the presentation was immaculate.

Restaurant: Atman
Bowl: Traditional Balinese breakfast bowl


Now this one was a bit of a daring choice for me, especially when they had other delicious sounding smoothie bowls on the menu, but I defiantly did not regret my choice! It was a cold rainy day in Ubud and I really fancied something warm to heat me up. This bowl was made of Balinese black rice which were soaked in coconut milk and palm syrup. This was then cooked and topped with caramelized banana. Comfort food at its best!

Restaurant: Ubud Yoga Centre

Bowl: Dragon Bowl


We stumbled across the Ubud Yoga Centre whilst driving to the beach one day. It was out of the main Ubud center but what a lovely surprise it was to find. The back half of the center is all open and the view of the jungle and streams was spectacular. This dragon bowl defiantly gets first place for presentation! Served in a fresh coconut, this bowl was a mix of blended coconut water (fresh from the coconut that had been so beautifully carved) and dragon fruit. It was then topped with banana, strawberries, goji berries, cashews and shredded coconut. The other best thing about this bowl, being able to scrape the insides of the coconut to mix in the sweet coconut flesh!

Although these last two bowls sound similar, they each had an individual taste and texture to them. What I love about dragon fruit bowls is the vibrant colours and incredible freshness of the fruits!
As I sampled these, my husband tasted some of the other not so sweet treats that were on offer so if you need any other recommendations let me know! Enjoy!


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