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Art of Breathing

Breathing properly can have a hugely transformative effect on the body, and it’s time to harness the power of breath says Varun Simba Kapur.

It is said that one of the greatest diseases facing our societies today is that fact that we have forgotten how to breathe. In addition to various other simple and effective practices, the art of breathing has simply been forgotten.

Our lungs are powerful engines, yet we only utilize on average 30-40% of its capacity. Our lungs have an air volume of about 4 to 6 litres, yet today we are only using 0.5 litres, if not less.  This is a natural occurrence for a society that lives in fear. Fear awakens the ‘fight vs flight’ mechanism in our subconsciousness and over many years of conditioning we have grown accustomed to these feelings. When in fear, it is only natural to take short, quick breaths and walk very fast from place to place, always busy, constantly doing and never really breathing.

A major reason why yoga & meditation is being embraced these days is because these scientifically proven practices encourages us to breathe more deeply and with more awareness deep into our solar plexus area of our belly. Our lungs laugh when we bless it with so much air. Initially, the lungs do not know how to manage this surge in air. One may feel uncomfortable, the chest may hurt, and restlessness can creep in. However, over time we start to truly learn how to love our lungs.

The time has come to listen to our breath. To feel it so deeply within ourselves, it becomes our newest, coolest drug. A drug that can give us many clues and insights into our own life and the infinite cosmos.

A popular breathing practice being adopted is called Holotropic Breathing which involves quick and deep breathing for over 30 minutes continuously while lying down. This technique takes the practitioner on a wonderful journey of self-discovery. I highly recommend a workshop that incorporates this practice. Also following the breathing practices of free divers, is a good idea. The record to date being 22 minutes under water. It is also important to note that our breathing pattern changes with our emotions and that every emotion has its own system of breathing. When one is in love, breathing is relaxed; when one is angry, breathing can never be relaxed and, so it goes with hate, compassion, excitement and the rest. So, if you change your breathing, you can change your life. Remember, life is breath and breath is life.

Source: Varun Simba Kapur

Healer | Spirit Coach



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