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March 20, 2018
By Yogalife

Are Meals in a Jar Worth It?

I would say, Yes, Absolutely!!!

I was one of those sceptics who always thought, what’s the big deal about meals in a jar? They seem to be the new fad and will fade out eventually as all fads do. But a chance professional meeting with Ahlaam Ali, after a gap of over a decade had me convinced enough to try them out. I decided to try them for a week and now I am a fan!!! I learnt a lot about these easy meals from a jar in these 5 days and their innumerable possibilities and concluded that meals in a Jar are amazing! And the bonus was my gut feeling fabulous with that bloated feeling gone and a loss of 1.9 kg – all this in just 5 days!!

Tall, striking and extremely fit, Ahlaam is an epitome of the Powwer girl! Her power bhangra had caused a riot in Dubai in early 2000 and now her Powwer jars are packing a wallop with their delicious effective meal plans for one week, two weeks, a month or 3 months based on your requirement.

The Powwer jars provide people with balanced, healthy meals. Each jar is low calorie with a calorie count of approximately 350 per meal, low fat, protein-packed – and most importantly, flavoursome. This makes you want to go on with it. The jars are made of glass and are eco-friendly, reusable and the food stays absolutely fresh with no loss of taste or quality. The salad leaves are even crunchy when you open the jar!

You receive a total of four jars per day and a WhatsApp message every early morning informing you of the menu of the day ahead with the calorie count for each meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are what these jars contain. Each meal contains proteins, good fats, and sexy carbs as Ahlaam says. Although the jars had me worried on the first day thinking, ‘am I going to be hungry after just eating this small meal, my fears were unfounded. The meals were filling and in fact at times, I was unable to finish the jar entirely.

The breakfast had tasty options like chocolate oats with brownies, Cinnamon Quinoa pudding, Mixed berries with Chia seeds, Pinacolada oats (yes!!) or Tiramisu!! Lunch consisted of delicious options like black lentil and crunchy cauliflower salad, Mung bean and sweet potato salad, Minty chickpea salad or Mango and Avocado salsa with Berry Rice. Dinner was options like Spicy Basil noodles, Mushroom and Walnut Bolognaise, Avocado cream pasta, or Thai curry with berry rice. Snacks were mostly nuts, energy balls or delicious crackers which is Ahlaam’s secret recipe to go with her latest venture, the vegan cheese platters (again delicious!!), but that’s another story!!

The food is extremely fresh and easily digestible. It doesn’t feel heavy at all leading to lethargy. You can even have it while on the move. Each meal is well balanced and well planned to help with weight loss for those who want to lose weight and eat healthy and lose belly fat and all this with a spicy, zingy taste with flavours from Thai to Italian to Indian and more!


Benefits of Meal in a Jar:

They can be prepped ahead of time and stay fresh longer.

Everything fits well in an easy-to-carry mason jar.

 They are delicious and far more cheaper than eating out.

They are quicker than going out to lunch. (If you have an hour-long lunch break, you could go to the gym and have one of these in 10 minutes.) The variety is endless!

About the Founder:

Ahlaam Ali, a well renowned international Lifestyle & Wellbeing Consultant based in the UAE, has been in the wellbeing and weight loss diaspora for the last 10 years.As a natural progression, following on from the success of her weight loss programs, Ali has recently innovated and created Powwer™ Jars – a unique Healthy Exotic Meal concept that encompasses all her philosophies on weight loss.

Ali has a bursting passion for creating healthy organic meals on a daily basis and this has led her to create this range of visually enticing meals in jars.With our Powwer™ Jars you can implement a completely clean eating lifestyle, which includes foods that are totally clean. Food that is free of additives, coloring, artificial sweeteners is very rare to find and we mostly find that to make food taste good, a lot of additives in our food is contributing to inflammation of the gut and hence cancers.


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