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July 10, 2017
By Yogalife

Alien Yoga – the new trend

It is all about trending on the internet but there’s one trend that might actually be great for us and it’s becoming something of a viral phenomenon. ‘Alien Yoga’ has taken the net by storm, in the form of videos showing strange stomach contortions.

Traditionally known as Nauli, it’s a yoga move that’s been around for centuries and it involves exhaling completely before isolating the abdomen and pulling it under the ribcage. You then contract and release the stomach muscles to create a rolling movement. Something similar but much more advanced to the contortions that we see Baba Ramdev doing. It looks alarming and sounds difficult, but it’s supposed to have a roster of health benefits, including promoting better digestion and strengthening the core. It’s also believed to be good for improving willpower, emotional stability, correcting hormone imbalances and keeping your organs in shape.

Although you don’t usually come across the practice in regular yoga classes these days, Nauli used to be one of the first exercises taught to new students in order to bring a greater awareness and energy to their general Hatha practice.


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