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A Leading Pioneer of Integrated Health

An expert in Ayurvedic medicine and naturopathy with a holistic vision, Dr. Mosaraf Ali has almost 30 years of clinical experience with over 15,000 patients all over the world. Using his pioneering concept of Integrated Medicine, Dr. Ali’s aim is to put us in charge of our own health

It is extremely rare to find a medical practitioner like Dr Mosaraf Ali who can treat a wide range of ailments — including backache, eczema, flu, digestive problems as well as rehabilitate stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, and sports injuries — earning him the titles of ‘Cure-All Doctor’ and ‘Genuine Integrated General Physician’. His blend of integrated medicine combines traditional medicine with natural methods, yoga, massage, herbal remedies, Homoeopathy and Ayurveda.

Dr. Ali believes we can all benefit from his pioneering combination of conventional and traditional medicine. He coined the phrase ‘Integrated Medicine’ some 20 years ago and describes a true holistic system of healthcare as resorting to conventional Western Medicine only if it’s really needed — for example, in treating an accident victim. Instead, Dr. Ali wants us to cherish our health by focusing on complementary and alternative therapies — and, above all, by living well.


“My philosophy of good health and well-being is based on an integrated approach which focuses on prevention and healing, rather than just disease and treatment. Each one of us is unique and has a responsibility for maintaining good health which I can help you achieve through my four principles of nutrition, exercise, relaxation and massage,” says Dr. Ali.

Central to Dr. Ali’s beliefs is the idea that traditional therapies are based on seeing human beings as a whole — body, mind and spirit — and as part of nature. “We are part of the universe,” he insists, “governed by the same laws and the same cyclical patterns.”

Dr. Ali’s decades of experience has led him to believe that in the vast majority of cases, the body can be encouraged to heal itself naturally. “Inside every body there is a healing power that is part of nature, do the right things and 80 per cent of diseases will be cured,” he says.

Dr. Ali’s interest in natural medicines grew from his maternal grandfather, Dr. Abdul Hameed, who was a qualified doctor and a homeopath. Determined to be a doctor from an early age, the young Mosaraf spent his school days in a missionary school in Asansol reading books about psychology, physiology, and anatomy. He volunteered to work with Mother Teresa on Sundays, packing milk for the leprosy sufferers, watching how they were bandaged. After finishing his school-final exams he headed off to a remote tribal area in Bihar with a Jesuit priest, dressing wounds and distributing bandages. The sudden death of his father after a stroke saw him applying for medical scholarships and winning a place to study in Moscow, where he completed his MBBS.

“In the 1970s, when I was studying medicine in Moscow, I happened to meet Baba Charan Das of Radha Soami Dera-Beas through the then Indian ambassador to Russia, Inder Kumar Gujral [who became the Indian prime minister in the mid-1990s]. He told me to study alternative techniques and even sent me books on Ayurveda and naturopathy. I took to this field much later,” says Dr Ali.

In 1980 he joined the prestigious Central Institute of Advanced Medical Studies in Moscow for post-graduation in Acupuncture. During that period he specialized in Pulse Diagnosis, Iridology, Tongue Diagnosis, Hypnosis etc. He returned to Delhi in 1982, worked in a hospital for a year and opened the first Centre for Integrated Medicine in the world. He also studied under masters of Ayurveda, Unani Medicine, Yoga and Marma Therapy. He even learned Chinese Herbal Medicine in Hong Kong.

“My quest for learning the art of medicine took me to remote parts of India where I learnt about traditional healing techniques and herbs used by tribals to treat common ailments. I used my medical knowledge to understand these methods and use it in my practice. This unique knowledge and experience make me one the leaders in his field of medical practice,” explains Dr. Ali.

In 1991, he arrived in Britain and joined the Hale Clinic where his patients grew in number. Dr. Ali met Prince Charles in 1992 at a reception at St James Palace, London, and that became a turning point in his life. Prince Charles asked him if he could treat one of his staff members who was chronically ill. Dr. Ali had him cured in five days. It was the beginning of a long relationship, as Prince Charles became his primary backer. In 1998, Dr. Ali opened the Integrated Medical Centre in central London that was inaugurated by Prince Charles. A strong believer in alternate medicines, Prince Charles also wrote the foreword to Dr. Ali’s book The Integrated Health Bible. The Prince even backed Ali’s pioneering research on rehabilitation of stroke victims using the ancient Indian Marma method.

Dr. Ali has authored several other best-selling books on weight loss, nutrition, and health, including Dr. Ali’s Weight Loss Plan, Dr. Ali’s Nutrition Bible, Therapeutic Yoga and Dr. Ali’s Weight Loss Secrets. His book The Neck Connection is based on a revolutionary discovery, a first in medical history. He has also written a health column for The Mail on Sunday and Top Sante magazine in the UK for several years. Dr. Ali regularly speaks at WPO and CEO Universities and is rated as one of the top health speakers at such forums.

An impressive variety of people believe in Dr. Mosaraf Ali and his healing skills. His celebrity patients include Prince Charles, Morgan Freeman, Sylvester Stallone, Samuel L. Jackson, Andrew Llyod Webber and Kate Moss, among others. His clinic in London and India and the clinical spa in Tuscany and Cochin are very successful institutions. He also runs a charity clinic for the needy in the Indian Himalayas.

“Dr. Ali has done us a great favour in pointing out the way forward during the coming centuries.”

– Prince Charles

“Dr. Ali is the true magic man with the magic hands. I’ve seen the doctor work miracles! He has helped me and my family immensely.”

– Sylvester Stallone

Integrated Health

Integrated Health is the gathering together of all the factors that contribute to your continued well-being and balancing them to enable you to attain your full potential all the time.

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