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Book Review – I Love You…And So

We check out the book, I Love You…And So, by Patriccia Balan and realise that we need to love ourselves and all that comes with us and our decisions, to be able to be truly happy.

Patriccia Balan takes you on a beautiful journey of ‘LOVE’ and all the myriad emotions associated with it. She reminds you that love needs space, desirability, harmony, respect, and real communication to make and maintain that healthy distance! You first need to love yourself completely to be able to get yourself back! Somewhere in you tryst for finding love you end up losing yourself!

When you truly comprehend the power of entrainment and the effect it can have on your being, you can use it to harmonise and heal yourself inside out. Love should be taken like any other emotion. It should not be taken so seriously that it leads to self-deterioration leading to other complications in life. Love must push you to rediscover the sheer energy of happiness and joy in the reality of the NOW! It doesn’t have to be somebody’s reality and it doesn’t have to be an unreal flight of fantasy. It has to be something in between that gives you the tools to fall in love with yourself. Most of the time we are oblivious to the fact that the path towards discovering self-worth begins with improving your own self-esteem.

You can think of self-worth as the culmination of the thoughts and the feelings about yourself that come from an enhanced sense of who you are and your actual potential. In short, it can affect almost all aspects of your life, ranging from your love life to your career.


“When you honour you, you get to honour others; When you trust you, you get to trust others; When you have gratitude for you, you get to be grateful for others; When you truly love you, you get to truly love others,” says Patriccia Balan.

Author, Facilitator of change and Speaker, Patriccia wrote this book to showcase how we create all kinds of relationships based on expectations and how we have misconstrued true caring which is total allowance as care that comes with a lot of control. “Having looked at all my relationships across dynamics and the people I have facilitated over the years, I found that we all function from a space of projections and expectations for most part of our lives, creating a constant energy of lack and limitations.”

My message here to readers is: Be grateful for everything you are and for everything you have created based on an awareness you had at that point. Be in total allowance of you. The unkindest thing we do is to judge ourselves in that we judge others and only find ourselves making us wrong yet again. What if you could have a judgment free life? What would that create? Limitations or possibilities?

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