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4 Tips to Become a More Positive Person

We all need some positivity in our lives. Thinking positively can have a beneficial effect on your relationships, professional life and well-being.

 Nikhil Kapur, the co-founder of Atmantan, a luxury wellness resort based near Pune in India, shares 4 crucial tips to maintain a positive frame of mind and lead a happier, healthier life.

1. Surround yourself with positive people

My most important advice would be to create a circle of friends that radiate positivity and happiness. This way you’ll always have a strong network of positive people around you – thus leading to a happier you!

2. Include meditation in your routine

Meditation and wellness activities such as mindfulness and yoga go a long way. These activities can help you reconnect with yourself in ways you never imagined whilst also devoting time to yourself and letting out the negative energy.

3. Give back to the society

Volunteering and giving back to society can help you feel good about yourself and your impact in the world.

4. Get involved in physical exercises

Regular exercise can help you feeling positive and on top of the world. All those endorphins are a great way to keep a positive frame of mind!


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