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June 19, 2017
By Yogalife

Yoga therapy

These postures help reduce menstrual pains and ease discomfort. Avoid standing and inversion postures. Practice calmly forward bends and relaxation asanas. Each asana should be done without strain and held for 30seconds. Remember to breathe correctly in all postures. Compiled by Kish and inspired by Iyengar teachings. Thanks to yoga instructor & model: Marlyn Hughes.

Ustrasana- camel pose

Kneel on floor with back straight, Slowly bend back and hold one heel at a time. Keep your pelvis pushing out and upwards with head relaxed without straining the neck.

Supta Virasana-supine hero pose

Slowly relax into this asana, keeping knees firmly on the floor with thighs close together. Extend the pelvis, open the chest and keep arms relaxed. Relax neck and facial muscles. Avoid this pose if you have lower back pain.

Paschimottanasana-forward bend

Sit straight with both legs stretched outwards and extend forwards, grasping your toes. Press knees into floor, stretch spine and keep back concave.

Baddhakonasana-butterfly pose

Sit in Dadasana, hold toes and bring feet close to groin. Stretch spine up, open chest and press knees downwards.

Upavistha Konasana-seated wide angle

Sit on your heels and bend forwards until your forehead is on the floor. Press buttocks onto heels, extending back, and arms forward. Relax deeply into this restorative posture.

Savasana-corpse pose

This ultimate relaxation pose brings peace to the mind and body by releasing tensions and negativity. Lie down comfortably, slowly relaxing all muscles and joints from the tips of your toes to your head.

Viparita Karani-legs-up-the-wall

Pivot your torso and place legs up the wall, with buttocks touch­ing wall. Keeping your neck and back straight, simply relax all joints and enjoy going deeper into this restorative asana.


More recommended postures:

Janusirasana, head to knee pose

Maricyasana 1, twist with forward bend

Supta Baddhakonasana, supine butterfly pose

Caution: Beginners must be supervised by a yoga teacher.


Written by: Kish with inspiration from Guruji Iyengar.

Our thanks to Yoga Model Marlene Hughes


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