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2017 was the year of wellness. Everyone was talking about it and everyone was keen to incorporate it into their busy lives. 2018 is no different, the wellness revolution is still in full swing and will only keep growing as people realise the impact that being ‘well’ has on their lifestyle and overall health. Abu Dhabi’s Intercare Wellness Consultants, Dr Nas Al-Jafari and Dr Mourad Habib give their insights on some of the wellness trends we’ll be seeing everywhere in 2018.

2018 Wellness trends:

  • Good Gut Health is officially the wellness trend of 2018 (according to a study this month by Pinterest which showed an increase of over 251% of people saving pins related to the topic). The gut is often called the bodies second brain and for good reason, good gut health has a significant impact on not only your physical health but your mental health as well. Intercare Wellness offer the Gut Microbiome test which assesses three critical areas of gut health: digestive function, gut inflammation, and the gut microbiome, all areas affecting not only GI health, but overall health as well.
  • IV Infusions. Designed to nourish and re-energize the body, vitamin IV infusions are compounded from carefully tailored multi-vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants, amino acids and immunity boosters to restore and optimise your bodies natural balance and leave you looking and feeing great.

  • Me time. ‘Me time’ has always been viewed as a luxury but it’s actually a necessity. In 2018, self-care is less about facemasks and being alone but more about everyday healthy rituals that help keep your body and mind energized.
  • DNA Testing. Going far beyond just learning about ancestry, lifestyle DNA testing can be an essential part of an individual’s health and wellness. Your genes don’t just determine your eye colour; but determine your diet and nutrition, physiological traits like endurance, fat burning ability, metabolism and undiagnosed nutrient deficiencies. They can help determine if an individual has a predisposition for certain illnesses through to how your skin will age.

  • Sleep optimisation. As research continues to find that a lack of sleep can cause weight gain, anxiety, and out-of-whack hormones, a good night’s sleep is becoming more of a priority for people. No phones before bed, a dark room and no food before bed are all ways to enhance your sleep patterns.
  • Choosing the correct supplements and probiotics make a big difference to your desired results. For example, probiotics are very safe and useful for many things but some people just don’t get the desired effect simply because they didn’t chose the correct type of useful bacteria or the correct method of usage.


Source: Intercare Health Centre, Al Marina, Abu Dhabi. For appointments, please call 02 639 0080.


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