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Healthy Diet Helps Improve Mental Health

By experts from India Gate
Healthy eating has always been associated with losing weight and improving your physical state, when in reality, healthy eating also helps improve mental health. 

4 Tips to Become a More Positive Person

We all need some positivity in our lives. Thinking positively can have a beneficial effect on your relationships, professional life and well-being.

Mental Health is Bang on Trend with Heartknoxx

One in 6 adults experience a common mental disorder in the UK, according to The Mental Health Foundation and with May as Mental Health month, the conversation around such topics is set to increase. 



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Writer's Introduction

Bhavnaa Sawlani is a consultant clinical & health psychologist and an astrologer. Her book titled 'The Astrology of 2013 - Predictions for the Practical Soul' was published in early 2013. With over 15 years of research and expertise in astrology, her main aim is to make this science a profound tool for self-analysis and positive behavior change. To gain a deeper insight into your individual birth chart, you can now get in touch with her at ask.bhavnaa@gmail.com.


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